Meaning in the Mundane?

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For the homemaker, it seems as if the days go by all the same. You may ask, “Where’s the fun in that? I need to ‘slay’ today!” The homemaker’s routine seems redundant. She might keep telling herself, what is it she’s doing it all for?

When my two kids were smaller, like newborn and two years old ‘smaller’ (no time for blogging at all!), I remember being so frustrated with everything I needed and wanted to do, not having enough time & stamina to get it all done before the next breastfeeding session!

Why is my personal quiet time only 5 minutes long?

Why hasn’t she learned to toilet train yet? We’ve been at it for months!

When will she learn to read? Will I be able to empty the sink anytime soon?

The thickness of my frustrations over myself not being able to accomplish what I want to accomplish would’ve gone through the roof! My expectations from them and even myself were too much anyway. But I don’t think I’m alone in thinking and asking:

“Is this the only thing I‘ll be doing all day everyday? Is this all?”

Well Nancy Wilson of the podcast Femina would respond with a resounding, “YES, it is! But do it with a smile on your face!” 😊

Our culture’s drive—the message it sends—is that we always have to be doing something special, something new and exciting and fun and glittery “out there” in social media.

Social media nowadays seem to apply a tagline which we in the nursing profession always say “If it’s not written, it’s not done.” Inarguably, it just cannot be that way.

It seems that, today, there’s no room for the monotonous, repetitive, mundane tasks. It seems as if the extraordinary is better than the mundane. We may invent new ways to do extraordinary things like get a new hobby, or a new business endeavor, or build new relationships, but eventually it becomes mundane too.

Eve was provided everything in the garden, yet she wanted to be more than what God created and commanded her to be. She wanted to be like God.

The Gospel gives us a better idea though. Jesus’ life was quite the paradox; He was born in an ordinary place, grew up with regular parents and siblings, and even worked a regular job, before He began His public ministry. Yes, He worked extraordinary miracles, but it was alongside time ordinarily spent talking with His disciples. Even His death was by a common criminal’s punishment, and yet, in all of that ordinariness, He accomplished His most extraordinary mission of redemption.

“God works in both the ugly and the mundane, to bring new life, redemption, and His sovereign plan to fruition, and such is the same for those indwelled with the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit as our Helper, we can now reframe, appreciate, and utilize our most mundane moments as a means of grace for others and ourselves.”

Emily Jensen, Risen Motherhood

We could never fully know what God is doing through us. Even the people in the Bible did not fully know how God used them extraordinarily for His purposes! Enoch simply walked with the Lord for hundreds of years, Moses merely obeyed God one step at a time, the woman who washed Jesus’ feet did just that (though shocking, still pretty much an ordinary act those days)—I can go all day. We even read about them thousands of years later, today.

Perhaps the Lord is doing something in me—as I faithfully breastfeed, change diapers, prepare meals, do the dishes, put clean clothes in the drawers, pick up toys for the nth time, and prepare another meal (even if they are very picky!)—to bring about His will for my life, for His glory.

I could be mirroring Jesus as I rally on in another discipline moment over the same old sin issue with my kids, as I walk into my homeschooling tasks happily, as I bathe a child calmly, as I participate in our daily family devos delightfully, and as I respond well to my husband as he leads the family.

As we moms wipe another messy table, fix another bed, follow through in another homeschool read-aloud, supervise our workers—as we faithfully manage our homes—we image God as we bring order to our respective little corner of Creation.

“I trust that there is no mundane moment too small for God’s glory to shine through it.”

Emily Jensen, Risen Motherhood

The ordinary tasks of making a home a place that the family loves to be in and come home to might be dauntingly neverending, moreso, for the mother of kids 0-5; but it is precisely the fertile ground of honoring the Lord in the little things.

Being productive and thoughtful with our time is great, but our deepest longing for purpose, meaning, and glory is only to be found in Christ.

Being productive and thoughtful with our time is great, but our deepest longing for purpose, meaning, and glory is only to be found in Christ.

It may seem routinary for one to fill the kitchen with groceries and good food, but it is truly extraordinary to praise God knowing He is the One never failing to provide these things. It may seem routinary for one to keep on disciplining the wayward child, but it is extraordinary to show kindness, and mercy, to an undeserving sinner in that ‘routine’.

“Being united to Christ, our identity is extraordinary, our calling is magnificent, remember we are part of an epic story with a glorious ending. We are really not that special, but Christ in us is spectacular. He is our hope for glory.”

Emily Jensen, Risen Motherhood

Moms, take heart, we can honor the Lord and mirror His love to those around us simply by doing our everyday mothering tasks excellently, patiently, with a spirit of joy and a heart of love. The meaning of the mundane is in how we honor God with it—in how we reflect our spectacular Savior by displaying the fruit of His extraordinary Spirit.

Suffrage: How Should a Christian View Politics?

A quick definition of suffrage – a right of voting. It has certainly fallen out of usage! Globally, fighting for and significant wins towards suffrage for women in national and local elections ranged in the 1840’s to 1920’s. In the Philippines, the winning date was 30 April 1937 – women were allowed to vote!

Suffrage, as with thousands of English words, comes from Latin, suffragium, which originally meant to pray for or intercede, but which was later broadened to voting.

Incidentally, this fits right in to the era of my current favorite leisure series, Downton Abbey. Set in 1918 Britain, Lady Sybil was their down-to-earth, interesting, and forward-thinking daughter who advocated for women’s right to vote.

So, as I sat there in the Comelec (Commision on Elections) waiting area, all decked in face mask & face shield, expecting to have my voter’s registration transferred to my current city, as well as changed to my married name, it got me thinking about what has transpired through the years before I got to this place.

I mean, being a free country, a sovereign democracy, with a young woman like me having a privilege to vote.

It was not so long ago that women were not allowed to vote. It was not so long ago that our country was in a Martial Law. So it is indeed a privilege, one that is easily taken for granted.

An Ombudsman of the Philippines 10-page Citizen-Voter Education Module entitled “Your Vote, Our Future.,” states that the human right to vote is embodied in three instruments:

We are governed by these documents which all mandate universality of right, equality in access to public service, and secrecy of votes.

What is the Ombudsman? The thought of it takes me back to college days in Makati Med, we were the only college there, right smack in the Central Business District, walking around and eating where corporate workers and executives walked and ate. We frequently passed by the Ombudsman’s office. I didn’t know it then, but it was the government agency tasked to investigate and prosecute government officials accused of crimes, especially graft and corruption.

Waiting Online?

One thing that hit me too was that in the days before the Kindle, the smartphone and Facebook or Spotify, we humans used to do either of two things while waiting in line:

  • stare blankly somewhere, 🙂 or
  • make new friends.

Seeing as I had too many errands and forgot the Kindle at home, I just settled for my usual upbeat lo-fi beats on Spotify to pass the time. Sadly, unlike my husband who is apparently good at it despite his introversion (for purposes of evangelism), I on the other hand wasn’t able to make new friends, as most of the ladies in the voters’ registration queue were absorbed in their phones playing games and scanning Facebook.

In the end I got my details in and was successfully transferred here. I can vote here now! Granted that must be my last government identification to be changed to married name (after 8 years!), and the elections will still be in May 2022, but I’m excited!

But Why Vote?

Most certainly, God is in control, but surely, we can’t just do nothing to further His will. It is our duty and responsibility; to give to Ceasar what is due Ceasar; to do everything as unto the Lord; and to submit to our local authorities (provided they are not making us do anything dishonoring to God).

I understand that even among believers politics can spark heated debates. That’s why our leaders and mentors wouldn’t ever endorse or talk about any political candidates and we don’t do so as well. We simply choose the candidates to vote wisely as to the best options there are, do our part, and trust God for the results.

Voting and positions on issues also don’t have to be choosing just one political party. Timothy Keller would say in a New York Times article: “For example, following both the Bible and the early church, Christians should be committed to racial justice and the poor, but also to the understanding that sex is only for marriage and for nurturing family. One of those views seems liberal and the other looks oppressively conservative. The historical Christian positions on social issues do not fit into contemporary political alignments.”

Also, ultimately, it is the Lord that puts people in authority, He merely uses circumstances for His purposes. The Lord even put and used Daniel and Joseph in powerful pagan governments!

"For this has been decreed by the messengers;
    it is commanded by the holy ones,
so that everyone may know
    that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world.
He gives them to anyone he chooses—
    even to the lowliest of people.”
Daniel 4:17 NLT

“Political entities are not the savior of the world. The salvation for all mankind has been manifested in Jesus Christ. God knew that our world needed saving long before any national government was ever founded. He demonstrated to the world that redemption could not be accomplished through the power of man, economic strength, military might, or politics. Peace of mind, contentment, hope, and joy—and the salvation of mankind—are provided only through Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

How Should a Christian View Politics,

He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;

Daniel 2:21 ESV

Routines! Until the Day I’m Old and Gray

“Your routines have to be in order because from there rides the other things you need to learn.” I can’t remember how many times I’ve repeated this to my kids.

There are a ton of things we do everyday that need careful routinary mindfulness, or faithfulness. Waking up and self-care, having 3 meals a day, daily discipline of Bible reading and prayer, brushing teeth, and in recent years, checking your preferred messenger and Zoom meeting list.

Pandemic living necessitates mindfulness of soul care & for some, mental health. That could mean therapeutic and calming music, playing or learning to play an instrument, (or getting back to it!), control of social media and news input, a few minutes of exercise, and certainly catching up and checking in on friends and relatives.

Why does God give us one day at a time? Maybe He knows in our finite nature we need small manageable chunks of time.

In our parenting we surely have had to work on many habits these past few years. A large chunk of the early years is geared towards habit training: sleep 10 hours AND in your bed, finish your plate, daily bible and prayer time at breakfast, 10-15 minutes of Phonics and numbers, and tidy up your toys at night.

Some months we do them all, and some days we botch them all! Consistency is the thing that requires the most effort!

As the elementary years dawned on us, there was added the habit of attention and homeschool manners. In marriage, it is about cultivating the relationship, dating, and intentionality. It is indeed a work in progress, well, aren’t we all?!

A helpful one for us adults would be what Apostle Paul says, “follow me as I follow Christ.” Until the day I’m old & gray may I continue getting to know the Lord through the Bible! In 1 Thessalonians 3 it is proven that we never graduate from growing in our faith. What an exciting journey this is!

With this I thoroughly admire my mother-in-law. It is one thing to be with the Lord for a decade, but totally another to be walking the straight and narrow for more than 4 decades!

Certainly I am a fan of Nancy Wilson’s Femina podcast. In one of the episodes she highlights sanctification – New City Catechism defines this as a gradual growing righteousness. Nancy would say, I’m paraphrasing here, that no sooner had you grown in some area or aspect than you see another creep up on you. Sanctification is a constant reliance on the grace of God.

I’m imagining that decades from now on our empty nest, I will still need to keep some form of routine, such as daily quiet time, keeping the home, exercise, accompanying Jd in a fishing trip, & maybe I’ll have more time to cook elaborate and dreamy vegan meals.

I’m pretty sure I’m still being sanctified by then!

Putting Marriage and Family before God

Idolatry in marriage and family? Is it possible?! Yes, it can be, and it is possible to fall into this temptation; for we do value the opinion of those we love the most.

Idolatry is defined as excessive devotion to or worship of something other than God. An idol is anything that replaces the one true God. It is wrong and it’s a thing we need to say sorry to God for, and fight against.

What if husband and wife do not see eye to eye on some things yet? What if, as you lead, homeschool and discipline your kids, they hate you? Would it still be possible to honor God still, to make marriage and family life work? YES!

Jan 25, 2021; Intimate dinner at a Thai restaurant for our 8th wedding anniversary

Persevere in the work despite pain

Pastor Steve Murrell, in addressing Every Nation NA leaders, said that “If we let our pain, rather than our purpose become the center, we will quit the ministry.” Isn’t our marriage our first ministry as Christians?

To what do we persevere in? For us wives and mothers, it can be all things – even the simplest ones. Is it the office work lying on your desk? Is it the lunch or dinner that needs to be cooked and served? It can be the pile of dishes waiting in the sink, or the floor-full of toys waiting to be tidied up, in prayer and in surrendering to the Lord the things we can’t control, we can persevere.

Nancy Wolgemuth would differentiate a wise woman’s emotions and habits from an unwise one, calling it a “sophron state of mind.” I have been chewing on this list of 100+ qualities and its mighty helpful.

Impetuous, impulsiveExercises restraint and self-government
Self-centered – “How does this affect me?”Others-centered – “How does my behavior affect others?”
Choices driven by feelings, external pressure, circumstancesChoices driven by the Word of God
Fearful Trusts in the Lord
Wounds, belittles, tears down others with her wordsWords minister grace, blessing, encouragement to the hearer
Argumentative Humble, yields the right to be right
Struggles to maintain consistent disciplines and routinesDevelops and maintains healthy, consistent disciplines and habits
Easily distracted – flits from one thing to another, inability to focus, concentrate, or finish a task Focuses on what God has given her to do at the moment, and brings tasks to completion
some examples of Nancy Wolgemuth’s list of “A Sophron State of Mind”

The bible does call us to act in wisdom by persevering in various trials, I’ve had this verse plastered on my clothes cabinet growing up, it has helped me a lot!

“Blessed is the one who endures trials, because when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

James 1:12

Your identity is still true in Christ despite what others may think

Today’s most erroneous value source is in social media likes, comments, subscriptions and repost/retweets; but not so in the gospel. Ultimately this rings true even in the disagreement of those closest to us.

Victory Morning Devotions has been a constant source of encouragement during this pandemic for many Filipinos, including me, and the July 14 devotion on Ephesians 1:18, is about us believers being God’s treasured possession or inheritance. I learned that the three qualities an inheritance has to have is:

  • a recognized or perceived value,
  • defined ownership, and
  • a paid price.

All of those Jesus has already purchased and declared for me on the cross, and it stands true no matter our dreary daily circumstance. If we look all around us, it can be easy to see dreary circumstances, good thing the gospel reminds us that our first priority is to God, and making the family go first is indeed an idolatry.

It’s also incredibly hurtful and draining for your family to bear the brunt of your perceived identity and security, these can only rightly be gained from Jesus.

As you do the right thing, whether your kids believe, trust, obey you or not, your value in Christ remains the same. Your value in Christ remains the same even in relational stress with the ones you hold most dear, husband and kids included.

Kevin DeYoung would say that our commitment to family must not come before our commitment to God. He says that family is good, necessary, and foundational, but not ultimate.

I love my family to pieces, and I would surely do all I can to enable them to fulfill their purpose in life, but indeed, a function of that love for them, is putting them second only to God. To be honest, I’m not sure how I can function well as wife and mom at any rate if Jesus wasn’t my Lord and Savior.

Should we really rely only on visible results?

A ton of things we do daily/weekly/yearly will not have visible results. In time they will, but should we pin our satisfaction in visible changes, it’s unwise and may cause our emotions to go haywire!

We can’t merely resort to stifling our emotions, or even exalting them, instead we can pour them out to God. Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre writes in their book True Feelings: “when Christ restores our emotions, they can work the way He always intended, to work in harmony with our other faculties: the mind and the will. On one hand we musn’t despise God’s gift of emotions by stifling what we feel, we should receive this gift, make use of it, enjoy it; on the other hand we must not favor or exalt our emotions. We must not live only to feel, but we should appreciate and apply our minds and wills in equal measure.

We can continue to press on, despite not seeing the results we work on and pray for, just because pressing on honors the Lord as he enables us to persevere.

Speck vs Beam

What is the speck in your husband’s eye? Granted, it’s clouding his vision. But what about the beam of wood in your own eye? For us Christian women married to Christian husbands, we are blessed that God is their Lord and they listen to Him. If not, it still holds true that the wife’s godly behavior can win them over to Christ.

It’s extremely helpful to examine ourselves if we are sorely lacking in something, and for us women, it somehow can be distilled as an inadequacy in respect in conveying our thoughts and feelings.

Surely the gift and mystery of marriage is something I try to cultivate and seek to honor Him everyday in, all by His grace!

Family life is busy, but fun and fulfilling!

Was this helpful? Feel free to shoot me a message or a comment!

Prayer and Patience

Recently we had our friend’s bridal shower and it was as sweet as it gets! Weddings are truly lovely and displays a picture of Christ and His bride, the Church.

With marriage of course comes character formation.

The message I wanted to send across to our bride-to-be is the importance of prayer and patience.

Sabi pa sa Filipino class, “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi biro, ‘di tulad ng kanin, iluluwa kung mapaso.” Marriage is difficult, its not like food that you can spit out if it burns.

So therein lies the message of prayer and patience. Prayer can bring you patience even.

As we pray, persevere, we can be patient and surrender the results to God.

What do we pray for?

We can pray for our own character flaws, we can pray for his character flaws.

We can ask God for grace and perseverance to overcome and rise above challenges, as a tagteam.

I’m afraid no one has “arrived” in this. I’m talking to myself even as I’m talking to you dear reader.

Provision financially is a common grace and its a means to an end. A heart check here seems in order.

What is your end in what you’re believing God to provide for you?

Will it be used to honor him? Will it be used to live your life in such a way that advances the Kingdom? Does it glorify you, your skills and capabilities, or God?

Having a husband is quite an all encompassing word, the wife has him as best friend, forever teammate, workmate toward goals, intimacy partner, safe zone, co-parent, counselor, leader, and so much more: what a pleasure. What a joy it is to have that!

Cultivating a godly marriage and raising up kids in Christ, arguably, could be the two most difficult things we could do in life. Yet they are the most fulfilling, and sanctifying.

Marriage is such a challenging but beautiful mystery that portrays Christ and the Church, His bride, to partake in it is such a joyful honor.

Its greatly refreshing to celebrate with a friend who’s getting married! JD and I are blessed to be part of this couple’s lives!

Marriage is such a challenging but beautiful mystery that portrays Christ and the Church, His bride, to partake in it is such a joyful honor.

"My love is mine and I am his.."
Song of Songs 2:16A

Relevant Music at a Time of Depression

With today’s global economy facing the biggest recession yet, there is another depression going on. I know of a lot of people experiencing it, and mental health is no small thing to deal with.

I’ve always been a fan of Hiphop/RnB music, and of the Grammy-winning artist Lecrae when I had already become a Christian. Recently I took notice of a song he has with Tori Kelly that resonated as something I’ve heard of from a lot of people close to me:

“I’ll Find You” by Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly

I’m hanging on by a thread
And every breath is like a battle
I feel like I ain’t come prepared
And death’s knocking on the front door
Pain’s creeping through the back
Fear’s crawling through the windows
Waiting for em’ to attack
They say “Don’t get bitter, get better”
I’m working on switching them letters
But tell God I’mma need a whole lotta hope keeping it together
I’m smiling in everyone’s face
I’m crying whenever they leave the room
They don’t know the battle I face
They don’t understand what I’m going through

Incredibly familiar about the stories they tell me.

I may not know all the answers, but I do believe that God is sovereign, He is providential, He has a purpose for everything.

God is sovereign simply means He rules and reigns over all the Earth, preeminent in authority and power.

His providence means He sustains, provides, and governs the world.(John Piper, Providence)

I’m blessed to find my hope and security in Jesus. I wish it was that easy for others. I’m blessed to not trust and put my hope on any human construct. I wish it was that easy for others. I ultimately get my identity from what I know of God as I read by Bible and pray everyday. I wish it was that easy for those suffering from depression, and even so, many would still suffer it.

“But I can’t do this on my own
That’s why I’m just trusting in you
Coz I don’t know where else to go
And I don’t know what else to do”

“Just fight a little longer, my friend
It’s all worth it in the end
But when you’ve got nobody to turn to
Just hold on, and I’ll find you”

(On another note, I really do admire these two excellent Christian artists, Tori Kelly and Lecrae, making waves in the American entertainment industry, that definitely is difficult!)

GOOD MORNING AMERICA – Lecrae and Tori Kelly perform live on “Good Morning America,” on Friday, September 22, 2017, airing on the Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Television Network. (Photo by Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) TORI KELLY, LECRAE

Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; my flesh also will rest in hope. 

Psalm 16:9

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word. 

Psalm 119:114

The Blessing of Obedience and Submission

On having and afternoon out in the sun when dad wasn’t available to join us:
It may have farther, more difficult to get to, and I hadn’t set my mind for it, opting instead for a nearby park about a 10 minute drive away. But by God’s grace I did it anyway, and thus, the blessing is ultimately always there in what is the right thing to do.

Earlier, there has been a discussion between the husband and the wife where we ought to have gone, having been cooped up an isolating at home for a week. The 10-minute drive Carlos P. Garcia park is not open to kids this day according to the city’s Covid restrictions. Thankfully Alona beach is open, free, and not crowded at all!

Stretching our legs and being in an open space is our idea of fun! Never mind the girl band Tiktoking behind them!

It may not have been easier to get to Alona beach, (what with a safe mom drive of 45 minutes!) but it was definitely more fun!!

I was even instructed not to touch the lined up “barrells of wheat”, because they were baking leaf breads!

Growing up we used to go to Tagaytay’s picnic grove, an epic open space to view Taal volcano, wherein we would just enter the park and pay for parking, then out comes our baon food for the whole clan laid out on the wooden tables.

For us now, here is our version of picnic grove, and its just the three of us.😅

Yummy apple! Don’t worry we didn’t leave any trash behind!

Meanwhile, mine own view as I lied down the sand with Salma’s backpack as my pillow.

Isn’t it a blessing to a mom when even one of the children can, and already carries her own backpack?

Overall we had a good and much needed afternoon out in the sun, walking, running, eating, sitting, playing, “coconut tag” and just listening to some music, enjoying the blessing that obedience to our family’s leader brought.

Catechism: Used to be Creepy, Now a Comfort

Sincerely, I thought it was such a creepy word that I shuddered at it when JD brought it up: “Let’s go through it with the kids!” Catechism? Creepy! Me? goodness no!

I’m a Christian. I’m not Roman Catholic! Wasn’t that for the older women of the Roman Catholic church who walk to church at 5 in the morning, and wore short white veils on their heads?

A Popular Writing Genre

As it turns out, catechisms have historically been a popular writing genre used in every conceivable field in the 1700s and 1900s. Catechisms were widely used to summarize and rehearse basic knowledge, examples of field use would be in politics, coal industry, steam engine industry, even communism!

To define, catechisms are doctrinal manuals, containing great wisdom in concise format. It comes from the Greek word catechesis (meaning “to make resound, as with an echo”).

Early Christians applied this secular method to effectively teach basics of the faith, an early adopter was Augustine of Hippo, as he defined biblical truths and wrote against the heresies of the time. Catechesis in the faith has been used widely ever since in various forms, intents, and purposes.

The Reformers sure did propagate their catechisms in an effort to grapple with the errors of the Roman Catholic catechisms.

A Sort of Welcome

In the early church, it was used as a welcome of new believers, it answers basic questions like who is God? What is the church? It puts words to “What do we believe in exactly?” It has also been used as a dialogue guide for parents and teachers in teaching biblical complexities to a child (biological and spiritual).

In the course of history, catechisms have been used to present deep biblical wisdom in short Q & A statements, the larger ones for reference, the shorter ones for memory.

It is somewhat what we could compare as our modern day “Victory Weekend,” in that it teaches, instructs, and defines biblical truths, but this time it’s something we always have in our pockets as daily guide, instead of a single powerful event.

Three time-tested Protestant Reformation-era catechisms stand out today: Heidelberg, Westminster shorter and larger, and Calvin’s Geneva Catechisms, all of which were the basis of my catechism of choice: Redeemer’s New City Catechism.

Timothy Keller, in his introduction of the New City Catechism App says of 3 reasons why we ought to go back to this forgotten practice:

  1. “To set forth a comprehensive exposition of the gospel – not only to explain clearly what the gospel is, but also to lay out biblical doctrines such as human nature, sin, and so forth.”
  2. “To do this exposition in such a way that heresies, errors, and false beliefs of the time and culture were addressed and counteracted.”
  3. “The more pastoral purpose was to form a distinct people, a counterculture that reflected the likeness of Christ in individual character and in the church’s communal life”

Keller would argue that in today’s world, what we are up against in our Christian walk would be secularism as the air we breathe in.

The history of the Heidelberg Catechism is one of comfort. Apparently reading and memorizing it has been bringing comfort to Christians through the ages since its writing.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs to us Moderns

The format of Q & A has always been captivating to both adults, and kids. Moreso to them! To us moderns, FAQs come out in the “About” page in a person or company’s website. FAQs have always been instructional and basic. Well why not go through it with spiritual truths, right?

Isn’t it a good way of “letting the Word dwell in you richly?” (Col 3:16)

Other versions of Q & A’s that are culturally contextualized today include my personal favorites such as John Piper’s “Ask Pastor John” series, R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions series, and

Ask Pastor John amazingly has thousands of sound Q & A’s

It seems quite evident that the best way to learn something is to ask questions and seek answers to them!

I’m mighty glad there are loads of free and sound answers online, and here are some of what I can recommend.

R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions Series is now freely available in
GQ or has over 655,000 questions answered biblically and trustworthily

Catechism even for kids?

Yes! Moreso! Kids love asking questions, and I’ve got to admit that most of the time I can’t even answer them all!

Thankfully, it’s not so archaic, dismissible, and totally uncool for kids to jump into catechisms as I had imagined it to be.

New City Catechism Mobile App

We just love the New City Catechism mobile app, and concise, colorful enough for kids, and it has catchy songs!

It has 52 questions, one for every week of the year, that seems doable! It was based on the 3 standout catechisms mentioned above, more bite-sized and digestible for families today.

I mean, have you ever thought about this question, how about how to even answer it?

New City Catechism Question 1

So there we are, going through it little by little. Its freely published by Crossway and Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, complete with devotionals from the Reformers, and a prayer too! Let me tell you, its not an easy journey, with short attention spans and a general disinterest in something new, but it is slowly becoming a habit. As with all things worthwhile doing, there is a struggle, “do hard things” as it has been said. The catchy songs of the “Children’s Mode” really do help! It has been a very helpful memory tool even for me!

Children’s Mode

After turning on the Children’s Mode in the Settings:

Out pops their original song of the Q & A!

So it is my sincere hope that as you read this, you will certainly consider this as part of your morning routine with your kids!

I have certainly seen it change the eyes of my kids as they understand the world they live in through the lens of the bible. I’m at a comfortable space knowing that they’ll be equipped to handle life and its hardships (when grown) as they are firmly rooted in Scripture. Furthermore, it is surely fun and funny hearing them sing those songs and belting them out from time to time! By faith, those seeds will grow in their lives.

Has this been helpful? Feel free to message, comment, or email me about this exciting thing!

Philippine Independence Day!

Salma’s Kinder 1 drawing after a lesson on the Philippine Flag

For you were called to be free, brothers and sisters, only don’t use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another in love.

Galatians 5:13

Freedom for one country, or one person has, through the course of history, been proved costly.

I’m glad I’m a free Filipino. I’m supremely blessed I’m free in Christ.

That carries with it then an enormous responsibility, to use this opportunity to serve others in love, not hate, in respect, not unmannerliness.

Paul talks about the role of freedom. “For freedom Christ set us free. Stand firm then and don’t submit to a yoke of slavery.” (Gal 5:1)

What can we be enslaved in? There are plenty (v19-21) BUT the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.(v22)

Let us then use our freedom to benefit others!

In addition to celebrating that freedom in Christ, the encouragement is: “Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” (Gal 5:26)


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Where is the Love? (Or the Respect?)

Why is it that when we get married its all ok, and then a few years later when we have kids, things start to change?! It’s like things tend to divide dad & mom! So therein lies the need for teamwork and unity within dad & mom!

Its easy to not date anymore, its easy to get caught up in the myriad things to do, the tasks pile up, and when you get to bed its far too easy to just crash and sleep hard.

How can marriage be like this? How can it be all good in the beginning and then all of a sudden the responsibilities add up, and we have drifted apart.

Dated recently? Had alone time without the kids?
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Well I think that the biblical way of doing marriage adequately provides a solution to this dilemma.

 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.

Ephesians 5:22-24

Have we submitted to our husband recently? Or do we diss him a lot? Have we listened to his insights? Or just do our own thing without consulting him?

Have you ever done anything around the house that he has no idea about, and he’s not totally supportive of? Well have you asked him about that?

Do we tell our kids how to show respect to their dad? Do we tell them that when Dad works, he is doing it for us, he is not leaving us all alone but working for us.

Do we translate that provision to meals, clothes, and a loving atmosphere in the home? When he says he would love to have more of this and that in the home, do you obey that or still do things your own way? Have we been a good helpmate to our husbands?

Helpmate doesn’t at all mean helper. Its coming from the word ezer kenegdo, meaning lifesaver, a warrior opposite to him, a match in front of him. Elsewhere in the bible it is only used as in the way God rescues humankind. The woman isn’t at all inferior, man and woman were created equally, and yet uniquely, each fulfilling a different role. Same value, but with differing roles.

The woman isn’t at all inferior, man and woman were created equally and yet uniquely, each fulfilling a different role.

Same value, differing roles.

In the same way that the church submits itself to Christ, we must submit ourselves to our husbands, knowing that God’s command of the headship of the man is trustworthy. This is indeed a profound mystery, Christ is the leader of the church, and the church is the wife who submits herself to the leadership of the husband.

If you know me, this is very hard for me! My fallen Eve sinful nature is naturally averted to authority and rebellious. But only by God’s grace, this is something my husband would thankfully say I’ve grown in.

This is a command that isn’t dependent on how the husband acts, although it sure is easy (I’m blessed!) when he is a godly Christian man. We are to respect and obey even in times when it can be difficult, when it is difficult; our “direct report” is primarily to God. We are by Jesus, in the following passage, to obey Him first, costly as it is to our ego.

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me.

Luke 9:23

If we would think that our submission as our direct report to God is too difficult, just look at his direct report to God: “how did he lead his wife and family?” O that is heavy!

I am a firm believer that a strong marriage is the best gift one can give their children.

So its my hope that we work on this respect everyday, even when we don’t necessarily feel like it! It’s not a respect that is only when things are smoothly going, and on Father’s day or his birthday. (This is one of the reasons I’m not such a big fan of human constructs such as valentine’s, mother’s or father’s day)

Love and respect is supposed to be worked on every single day. Though I do understand the point of those celebrations such that we give honor to whom honor is due.

In this state of mutual love and respect, what is supposed to keep mom and dad apart is the thing that keeps them close. The matters they need to work on, to cultivate, to decide, and to believe God for, are the very same matters that if taken together as a team, will keep them tightknit and superglued.

In this state, as it is practiced through the years, and the kids grow up, see the strong marriage, and they begin get sharpened to successfully hit their targets in life, dad and mom are closer as ever than before.

Was this helpful? How about you, what are your thoughts on these?!