The Blessing of Obedience and Submission

On having and afternoon out in the sun when dad wasn’t available to join us:It may have farther, more difficult to get to, and I hadn’t set my mind for it, opting instead for a nearby park about a 10 minute drive away. But by God’s grace I did it anyway, and thus, the blessingContinue reading “The Blessing of Obedience and Submission”

Catechism: Used to be Creepy, Now a Comfort

Sincerely, I thought it was such a creepy word that I shuddered at it when JD brought it up: “Let’s go through it with the kids!” Catechism? Creepy! Me? goodness no! I’m a Christian. I’m not Roman Catholic! Wasn’t that for the older women of the Roman Catholic church who walk to church at 5Continue reading “Catechism: Used to be Creepy, Now a Comfort”

Philippine Independence Day!

For you were called to be free, brothers and sisters, only don’t use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13 Freedom for one country, or one person has, through the course of history, been proved costly. I’m glad I’m a free Filipino. I’m supremely blessed I’mContinue reading “Philippine Independence Day!”

Where is the Love? (Or the Respect?)

Why is it that when we get married its all ok, and then a few years later when we have kids, things start to change?! It’s like things tend to divide dad & mom! So therein lies the need for teamwork and unity within dad & mom! Its easy to not date anymore, its easyContinue reading “Where is the Love? (Or the Respect?)”

Always One Foot Out the Door: the Case of the Flaky Pastry

I absolutely love flaky pastries! Otap and croissants are treats for us. The former has even recently become one of our kids’ favorite snacks. Sugary, sweet, beautiful in texture, easy to devour. As we continue to eat otap on a daily basis, sometimes I am reminded of how I later took a bad turn asContinue reading “Always One Foot Out the Door: the Case of the Flaky Pastry”

The Classical Method of Homeschooling

What is Classical homeschooling? Isn’t that totally outdated and for old folks? This homeschooling is indeed based in antiquity. Think Graeco-Roman era. Homeschooling the classical way involves the Trivium and the Quadrivium. What are those? The Trivium means Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. While the Quadrivium means Arithmetic Geometry, Astronomy, Music, plus Theology as the capstone,Continue reading “The Classical Method of Homeschooling”

On Coronavirus, Loss, and Gain

With Covid19 well on its way in “destroying” what we knew life to be, some countries are in better places, most are still far off in defeating it; it seemed rational to be talking about losses and gains. People lost relatives, friends, businesses, jobs, ways of living, more terribly, hope. I haven’t had much experienceContinue reading “On Coronavirus, Loss, and Gain”

The Gift of Marriage and Parenting

What happened to that thin lady who used to work in the military? Salvation happened. Marriage happened. Kids happened. Life happened. It’s been 10 years with Christ, 8 years with JD, 6 years with the kids around, the gift of marriage and parenting has grown us a lot, in ways I never would’ve experienced asContinue reading “The Gift of Marriage and Parenting”

Disoriented by Dysmenorrhea

Ever since we finished breastfeeding our 2nd child, that was it: I was super thankful and elated about that no mean feat, and I considered that an accomplishment. Little did I know I would continue to suffer physical pain. Oh this world! One trial does come after the other, certainly it does teach dependence onContinue reading “Disoriented by Dysmenorrhea”

On Games and Character

We started to play board, strategy and card games, early on, and it has been a super way to spend time, especially on lockdown mode. It not just prevented us from being on each others throats, but it helped us develop thinking skills(the kids), teaching skills(as parent players), and of course, for all, integrity. OtherContinue reading “On Games and Character”