Routines! Until the Day I’m Old and Gray

“Your routines have to be in order because from there rides the other things you need to learn.” I can’t remember how many times I’ve repeated this to my kids. There are a ton of things we do everyday that need careful routinary mindfulness, or faithfulness. Waking up and self-care, having 3 meals a day,Continue reading “Routines! Until the Day I’m Old and Gray”

Myriad Stories About Vaccines & The Good They Bring

Quick History Why is vaccine called vaccine? Its root is vaccus, Latin for cow. Cows were widely used since the 1700s as test subjects for early variolation science. British Edward Jenner was a pioneer in early vaccine science, as well as French scientist Louis Pasteur. We know it today as a live, attenuated version ofContinue reading “Myriad Stories About Vaccines & The Good They Bring”

Slowly But Surely

This week I got to start on homeschooling my 6-year old gradeschool style, classical style. It was super exciting and super new! I found myself, during the preparation phase, bring out planners and stuff. Back in Kindergarten it was easy peasy. Mental notes on her progress was enough on those 4 basic subjects. I didn’tContinue reading “Slowly But Surely”

Close In.

Last Sunday we closed in on a week full of fun ministry opportunities, it seemed like one of our busiest since the pandemic, still, I recall how much pleasure we derive from ministry and how blessed we are to get to do what we do. Being part of building the church here on earth isContinue reading “Close In.”

Putting Marriage and Family before God

Idolatry in marriage and family? Is it possible?! Yes, it can be, and it is possible to fall into this temptation; for we do value the opinion of those we love the most. Idolatry is defined as excessive devotion to or worship of something other than God. An idol is anything that replaces the oneContinue reading “Putting Marriage and Family before God”

Prayer and Patience

Recently we had our friend’s bridal shower and it was as sweet as it gets! Weddings are truly lovely and displays a picture of Christ and His bride, the Church. With marriage of course comes character formation. The message I wanted to send across to our bride-to-be is the importance of prayer and patience. SabiContinue reading “Prayer and Patience”

Create, Create, Create!

Creativity in kids always costs something. Energy It surely demands support from mom & dad when kids are encouraged to be creative, well more like energy for mom to cleanup, and energy to teach to cleanup! A bit, or even a lot of boredom comes in as well, because they need that, to think ofContinue reading “Create, Create, Create!”

Loss & Military Life

I suddenly find myself grieving with the nation with regard to the Philippine C-130H cargo plane crashing in Patikul, Sulu last July 4. The utilitarian cargo plane missed its landing and killed more than 50 out of 92 passengers. I’ve ridden an older version of those c-130s on one of my RnR breaks, as I’veContinue reading “Loss & Military Life”

Morning Dedication

One of my favorite prayer books is the considerably archaic and difficult to read Valley of Vision. Granted, its that, but the thing I like about it the most is that it contains prayers that I couldn’t even think of. Its easy to pray, its pouring out my heart to God. But my heart isContinue reading “Morning Dedication”

Relevant Music at a Time of Depression

With today’s global economy facing the biggest recession yet, there is another depression going on. I know of a lot of people experiencing it, and mental health is no small thing to deal with. I’ve always been a fan of Hiphop/RnB music, and of the Grammy-winning artist Lecrae when I had already become a Christian.Continue reading “Relevant Music at a Time of Depression”