A Wise State of Mind, Part 3: Her Tongue

(1 min read) Lifted right out of Nancy Wolgemuth’s “Adorned,” here are some of her practical examples of a wise and unwise woman, specifically her tongue. UNWISE WISE Says whatever comes to mind without hesitating Slow to speak, words are measured, thinks first Talks too much Good listener Quick to vent anger/frustration Quick to praise/give…

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Prayer Series: Coming Up Short

(5 min. read) Everyone has shortcomings. Hardly anyone would admit they don’t have shortcomings, and if we see one not admitting to any, then that there would be his/her shortcoming. If we honestly can’t see any, we just simply have to ask the people closest to us proximally and relationally: “Do I have any shortcoming?”.…

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Meaning in the Mundane?

(4 minute read) For the homemaker, it seems as if the days go by all the same. You may ask, “Where’s the fun in that? I need to ‘slay’ today!” The homemaker’s routine seems redundant. She might keep telling herself, what is it she’s doing it all for? When my two kids were smaller, like…

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