The Comfort Influencer

(2 min read) So I gather there is such a thing nowadays gaining ground, comfort influencer. People find themselves gravitating towards comfort on social media, especially during this unstable and rapidly changing time. And why not!? It is totally needed! It’s like “Hey you’re going through something?” “Yea, me too! How did you get throughContinue reading “The Comfort Influencer”


Myriad Stories About Vaccines & The Good They Bring

Quick History Why is vaccine called vaccine? Its root is vaccus, Latin for cow. Cows were widely used since the 1700s as test subjects for early variolation science. British Edward Jenner was a pioneer in early vaccine science, as well as French scientist Louis Pasteur. We know it today as a live, attenuated version ofContinue reading “Myriad Stories About Vaccines & The Good They Bring”


The Blessing of Obedience and Submission

On having and afternoon out in the sun when dad wasn’t available to join us:It may have farther, more difficult to get to, and I hadn’t set my mind for it, opting instead for a nearby park about a 10 minute drive away. But by God’s grace I did it anyway, and thus, the blessingContinue reading “The Blessing of Obedience and Submission”


Catechism: Used to be Creepy, Now a Comfort

Sincerely, I thought it was such a creepy word that I shuddered at it when JD brought it up: “Let’s go through it with the kids!” Catechism? Creepy! Me? goodness no! I’m a Christian. I’m not Roman Catholic! Wasn’t that for the older women of the Roman Catholic church who walk to church at 5Continue reading “Catechism: Used to be Creepy, Now a Comfort”


Philippine Independence Day!

For you were called to be free, brothers and sisters, only don’t use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13 Freedom for one country, or one person has, through the course of history, been proved costly. I’m glad I’m a free Filipino. I’m supremely blessed I’mContinue reading “Philippine Independence Day!”


Where is the Love? (Or the Respect?)

Why is it that when we get married its all ok, and then a few years later when we have kids, things start to change?! It’s like things tend to divide dad & mom! So therein lies the need for teamwork and unity within dad & mom! Its easy to not date anymore, its easyContinue reading “Where is the Love? (Or the Respect?)”


School at home or homeschool?

I am surely much blessed with a husband who loves to be hands-on with the kids. He loves to teach, disciple, joke around, and just plain be with them. He’s gentle, but firm, the way a discipler ought to be. This day was about going to the Maribojoc watch tower, a historical landmark and park,Continue reading “School at home or homeschool?”


Can you be Christian and plant-based too?

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 Well my husband would always say, “It VEGAN in the garden.” Then he would explain many things of which I sometimes zone out of due to the kids screaming & interrupting. But yes, you definitelyContinue reading “Can you be Christian and plant-based too?”

A Wise State of Mind, Part 3: Her Tongue

(1 min read) Lifted right out of Nancy Wolgemuth’s “Adorned,” here are some of her practical examples of a wise and unwise woman, specifically her tongue. UNWISE WISE Says whatever comes to mind without hesitating Slow to speak, words are measured, thinks first Talks too much Good listener Quick to vent anger/frustration Quick to praise/giveContinue reading “A Wise State of Mind, Part 3: Her Tongue”

Prayer Series: Christlikeness

One thing I know for sure that we can all never graduate from is growing in Christlikeness. That is why I love this prayer of how to grow in specific ways in Christlikeness. “Dear Father, dawn returns, but without your light within no outward light can profit, Give me the saving lamp of your SpiritContinue reading “Prayer Series: Christlikeness”

Prayer Series: Coming Up Short

(5 min. read) Everyone has shortcomings. Hardly anyone would admit they don’t have shortcomings, and if we see one not admitting to any, then that there would be his/her shortcoming. If we honestly can’t see any, we just simply have to ask the people closest to us proximally and relationally: “Do I have any shortcoming?”.Continue reading “Prayer Series: Coming Up Short”

Meaning in the Mundane?

(4 minute read) For the homemaker, it seems as if the days go by all the same. You may ask, “Where’s the fun in that? I need to ‘slay’ today!” The homemaker’s routine seems redundant. She might keep telling herself, what is it she’s doing it all for? When my two kids were smaller, likeContinue reading “Meaning in the Mundane?”

A Wise State of Mind: Her Mindset and Attitudes

2 minute read Previously I’ve posted about the wise woman’s state of mind, specifically emotions. To continue on the series of the wise state of mind, the next segment is: mindset and attitudes. Lifted from Nancy Wolgemuth’s amazing and beautiful book Adorned, which talks about the Titus 2 woman, these are a few of theContinue reading “A Wise State of Mind: Her Mindset and Attitudes”

Let’s Contemplate!

One of the introductions and taglines of my favorite homeschooling podcast Schole Sisters, is scholé everyday. That segment is simply what are you reading now? (Of the gazillions!) How is it affecting the way you think? One of Dr. Christopher Perrin‘s 8 Principles of Classical Pedagogy, scholé is about slowing down, engaging in thought, asContinue reading “Let’s Contemplate!”

Encapsulation and Time

Henrietta Mears, of “What the Bible is All About,” did a wonderful encapsulation. In just the first chapter, she profoundly put it: The Old Testament begins with God (Gen 1:1) The New Testament begins with Christ (Matthew 1:1) From Adam to Abraham we have the history of the human race. From Abraham to Christ weContinue reading “Encapsulation and Time”

Suffrage: How Should a Christian View Politics?

A quick definition of suffrage – a right of voting. It has certainly fallen out of usage! Globally, fighting for and significant wins towards suffrage for women in national and local elections ranged in the 1840’s to 1920’s. In the Philippines, the winning date was 30 April 1937 – women were allowed to vote! Suffrage,Continue reading “Suffrage: How Should a Christian View Politics?”