Who am I?

Surely a child of God. A bookworm raised in the city, though definitely an island girl at heart.

What is my testimony?

I used to be a military nurse, yes, Nurse Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines, no less. I totally enjoyed the life of discipline, and serving by taking care of wounded and sick soldiers.

Still, and despite that noble job, I lived for myself and all my worldly dreams, passions and pursuits; until God called me, changed me, and turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh.

By His grace, there was no looking back!

It certainly happened to me as Spurgeon put it: “True love to Christ is in every case the Holy Spirit’s work, He is the efficient cause of it.”

The Lord chose me (sometimes I ask why?), quickened me from death to life in Him, and used me for His kingdom advancement. What an honor!

Fast forward 11 years: a thriving marriage, and 2 kids later, I find myself kept, loved, and preserved, still deeply rooted in Christ’s purposes for me, and my family too.

Surpisingly, that city-raised island-dreaming girl has been brought by God to this beautiful island of Bohol.

Adorned & Adventuring is my personal chronicle as a woman adorned by Jesus’ righteousness, seeking to glorify Him, and daily journeying wearing His armor.

Nowadays, my days go by being spent cultivating our marriage, raising covenant kids, studying my bible, leading the women in our local church, and devouring this thick stack of Christian books that enable me to understand and share the depth of Jesus’ love.

Note: Views expressed are simply my own thoughts. 🙂

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