The Blessing of Obedience and Submission

On having and afternoon out in the sun when dad wasn’t available to join us:
It may have farther, more difficult to get to, and I hadn’t set my mind for it, opting instead for a nearby park about a 10 minute drive away. But by God’s grace I did it anyway, and thus, the blessing is ultimately always there in what is the right thing to do.

Earlier, there has been a discussion between the husband and the wife where we ought to have gone, having been cooped up an isolating at home for a week. The 10-minute drive Carlos P. Garcia park is not open to kids this day according to the city’s Covid restrictions. Thankfully Alona beach is open, free, and not crowded at all!

Stretching our legs and being in an open space is our idea of fun! Never mind the girl band Tiktoking behind them!

It may not have been easier to get to Alona beach, (what with a safe mom drive of 45 minutes!) but it was definitely more fun!!

I was even instructed not to touch the lined up “barrells of wheat”, because they were baking leaf breads!

Growing up we used to go to Tagaytay’s picnic grove, an epic open space to view Taal volcano, wherein we would just enter the park and pay for parking, then out comes our baon food for the whole clan laid out on the wooden tables.

For us now, here is our version of picnic grove, and its just the three of us.😅

Yummy apple! Don’t worry we didn’t leave any trash behind!

Meanwhile, mine own view as I lied down the sand with Salma’s backpack as my pillow.

Isn’t it a blessing to a mom when even one of the children can, and already carries her own backpack?

Overall we had a good and much needed afternoon out in the sun, walking, running, eating, sitting, playing, “coconut tag” and just listening to some music, enjoying the blessing that obedience to our family’s leader brought.

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