On Games and Character

We started to play board, strategy and card games, early on, and it has been a super way to spend time, especially on lockdown mode.

It not just prevented us from being on each others throats, but it helped us develop thinking skills(the kids), teaching skills(as parent players), and of course, for all, integrity.

Other benefits include:

  1. being a good sport in winning and losing,
  2. resource management,
  3. stretching imaginative skills,
  4. vocabulary building tool,
  5. develops fine motor skills,
  6. shows the value of teamwork,
  7. prolongs attention span,
  8. stretches patience and perseverance,
  9. strengthens family relationship,
  10. learning to follow instructions carefully,
  11. exercises creativity within rule boundaries,
  12. encourages healthy competitive thinking,
  13. improves mental math skills,
  14. improves strategic planning skills,
  15. encourages teamwork, and
  16. promotes hand-eye coordination.

Need I say more?

Marbles are a pretty common thing in our home! Practically every game we could think of has been played!

Definitely a huge considerstion as an alternative to screen time! It’s not just good for protecting the children’s eyes from that ghoulish blue light, it’s good for mom sanity too!

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