Why a blog?

Why did I start this blog?

There may be plenty of reasons to blog for some, and still a number of reasons for others. Personally, doing something tangible has always been a way of making sense of life in general. In different season of life, there have been many, i.e., reading, tennis, baking, badminton, swimming, boxing, reading, jogging, and rather recently lately, adulting by breastfeeding, chores, and homeschooling. In all those there is a semi-constant habit of journaling.

In short, I am kinesthetic, and so that really coincided with a habit of journal writing, and as it is, a desire to actually create a blogging page was birthed and yet not yet fulfilled.

I do love to write too, since those pre-pubescent and adorable gradeschool days in the hallowed grounds of my alma mater and also my home.

If you asked my about things in life in recent days or months, I can’t really describe them to you sensibly, but if you asked me about life events 3, 4, or 5 years ago and beyond, that would be something I could possibly make sense of, in light and with the power of God’s Word. I would have been able to process that already.

Somewhat I consider that as natural progression of getting old. The bible does say gray hairs are a mark of wisdom. Writing is good, by God’s grace and leading it produced the Bible. He knew we needed words of comfort as we navigate our already-saved, but-not-fully-sanctified yet state.

With the advent of an unprecedented global health crisis of this magnitude, it seemed a good a time as any to all the more make sense of what’s happening in light of God’s Word.

There seems to be a sense of calm and solitude as one would set about to write and unwind, (staring at a screen typing away, with a ghoulish blue light shining on your face?) but seriously, it’s another avenue of honoring the Lord with much that He has given me.

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